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The Pelvic Floor

Mimi Ton is very professional and personalizes my therapy plan by constantly updating her assessment of my condition as it changes with therapy and lifestyle. She was respectful, friendly, caring, and always treating me with dignity regarding my delicate situation.

Julie M, Pharmacist, age 45 

I came to physical therapy to help with my coccyx pain along with other symptoms related to the spine. After years of working with different physical therapists and not getting the results I had hoped for I found Mimi. Mimi has been able to do in a short time what other physical therapists were not. Mimi has offered me other alternatives to pain management and with her positive attitude is helping me to attain. I can’t say enough good things about Mimi; she’s smart, warm, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about your well being. If you are in need of a physical therapist, then Mimi may be right for you. 

Michael P, Business Owner, age 69

Breast Cancer Rehab

I had pain from old scar tissue on my breast from a lumpectomy. My physical therapist, Mimi Ton, is fantastic and has worked wonders for me. I like that she explains what she's doing and why. For anyone needing physical therapy, I recommend her.

Benita S, Accountant, age 58

Mimi Ton is a rare combination of a gifted physical therapist who uses technical precision and her deep knowledge of anatomy alone with intuitive healing. I am grateful to have found her and my once-challenging recovery has been smooth because of her. Mimi is a consummate professional which is especially important when working on delicate and intimate areas of the body. Her speciality of women's health brought me to her after complications after breast surgery. I always feel that my modesty was considered as safe and respected under her care.  

Jenni S, Writer, age 40

My physical therapist loosened up tight muscles and helped me in the recovery of my surgical procedure, latissimus doors flap reconstructive surgery. She taught me how to stretch and showed me exercises to do at home as well. During therapy, Mimi continually asked if I was alright making sure that I was not in pain. Her priority was to make the therapy as comfortable as possible. I went to my appointments with no hesitation, always feeling positive and would walk out very relaxed. 

Betty C, Office Manager, age 50


Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

I first went to see Mimi about 6 months ago post-partum at a point where I could not bare weight on my right leg because of knee pain, my sacroiliac joint was unbearable daily and I felt that I was still 4-5 months pregnant due to a protruding belly. When I first started going to see Mimi I was in constant pain. Mimi was so knowledgable, she explained to me in details multiple times what and why this was happening to my body and the changes that pregnancy have caused. She worked very hard with great success on all areas of my body, getting me to a good level of CORE strength so that I can care for my baby. I also leave each session with minimal pain and relaxed joints at the end of every session. I am currently pregnant with my second child. She has been motivating me to keep up with the exercises that she introduced me which have been crucial in my progress. I have so much to thank her, I am able to physically function again. 

Sofia H, Speech Language Pathologist, age 35

Orthopedic conditions

I have had the pleasure of being treated by physical therapist Mimi Ton for both an acute shoulder injury and chronic low back pain.  Mimi is extremely well-trained as a PT and has strong clinical skills.  I have made significant gains under her care.  Mimi has particular skills in relating to women, and understands the issues that are important to us.  I have always appreciated her collaborative approach to my treatment and her willingness to listen to my concerns.  Mimi’s skills as a PT and compassionate approach to patient care are a winning combination, and I highly recommend her.

Rose M, Occupational Therapist, age 63 

After suffering from chronic low back pain for nearly 10 years as a result of a car accident, my pain management doctor sent to Mimi for treatment after refusing drugs. After 6 weeks with Mimi, I was 75% pain-free and after weeks I felt better than I had in a decade. She is an absolute godsend and her integrative care was exactly what I needed. It has now been over a year and with a small amount of maintenance my pain has not returned. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mimi gave me my life back. Not only is she an incredible physical therapist, but she is intelligent, warm, and cares very deeply for her patients. I left not only feeling physically healed but mentally as well. I cannot recommend her enough

Maeghan O, Manager, age 30